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ETOEngineering.com VoiceOnly! Cell Phone Solution for Quadriplegics and Power Wheelchair Users  Not currently available



What is the ETOEngineering.com VoiceOnly!™ Solution?


We've put together a simple, economical, yet powerful handsfree solution for use by quadriplegics and the physically disabled.  We've kept it simple so there are not a lot of parts to set up.  To start using your VoiceOnly!™solution requires only 3 simple steps: connect to your Bluetooth cell phone, record voice tags for your contacts, for example "John Smith", record the magic words "telephone" and "hang up".  That's all that is required to allow someone who is unable to physically touch a cell phone to start independently making and receiving phone calls.  Included in our kit are mounting and installation accessories as well as detailed installation instructions. 



How it works



ETOEngineering.com VoiceOnly!™ cell phone solution allows a person the ability to call contacts and hang up the cell phone without the need to press any button.   

  1. Say, "Telephone" into the microphone. 

  2. The system will wake up, beep and you can then say a contact name, for example "John Smith". 

  3. The system will dial John Smith's number

  4. When you are done with the call, say "Hang up" and  the call is disconnected. 

  5. To answer and incoming call, say "Telephone" and the call is answered.

To access Cingular VoiceDial (Sprint's Voice Command is very similar) to allow digit dialing:

  1. Speak into microphone, "Telephone". 

  2. The system will wake up, beep and you can then say the contact name that you've programmed for Cingular VoiceDial, for example "Cingular VoiceDial".  Note: Without the ETOEngineering.com VoiceOnly!™, the user would have to press *8 followed by the CALL button to access Cingular's VoiceDial network.

  3. Talking to the Cingular VoiceDial network, say "Call 8-8-8-2-4-6-4-8-5-2."  The system will dial the 888-246-4852 number. 

  4. When you are done with Cingular VoiceDial, say "Hang up" and  the call is disconnected.  Note: Without the ETOEngineering.com VoiceOnly!™, the user would not be able to use their voice to hangup the call to Cingular VoiceDial network.  They would be required to hangup the call by pressing their phone's HANGUP button.

What phones work with the ETOEngineering.com VoiceOnly!™ Solution?

We have tested it successfully with Bluetooth cell phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson.  We also recommend service from either Cingular (because they offer Cingular VoiceDial) or Sprint (because they offer Sprint Voice Command) which allows the user to digit dial and much more!   The following is a list of compatible cell phones:

Note:  The ETOEngineering.com’s VoiceOnly!™ is not compatible with prepaid plans that send a text message to the phone following each call with an indication of the minutes available.  This message has to be acknowledged prior to voice recognition working on the phone so removes the handsfree benefit. 



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